Bloomingdale United Church

Our History

In the small village of Bloomingdale, Ontario, there will be an institution that will be celebrating its 140th anniversary in 2019. This institution is Bloomingdale United Church. The building that you see today was first built in the fall of 1879 but this is not where the congregation began.

In the late 1700s, The Church of the the United Brethren in Christ had formed in the Eastern United States. In the 1860s they made their way to the Bloomingdale area and the Ebenezer Chapel was built at the Crowsfoot corner (Sawmill Road and Katherine St.N.) It was part of a circuit that included Waterloo, Winterbourne, West Montrose, Hawkesville, Breslau, Elmira and Bridgeport (Freeport). Rev. S. L. Downey was the minister.

In July of 1878, Board of Trustees Owen Oberholtzer and William Erb were appointed to search for and purchase land for a new site. On November 3, 1878 the present site (a half acre lot) was purchased for $60.00. In the fall of 1879, a plain white church building (the sanctuary) was erected. It resembled a Mennonite Church with doors on each end, one for the men and one for the women. The original plaque is located on the church tower.

In 1889, a division took place within the church as well as several American States and Ontario. This occurred because of a disagreement with the Church's constitution. There were the 'Radicals', those who believed in the old constitution, and the 'Liberals', those who wanted change. The disupte went to the Ontario Court where the Liberals won.

In 1904 the tower was added to the church.

In 1907 a disagreement occurred again. This time it was because the Canadian United Brethren wanted more control over their destiny, which was being controlled by the Brethren in the United States. On April 29, 1907 the United Brethren in Christ Church transferred the properties deed to the trustees of the The United Brethren Association of Congregational Churches. The 'new' church was called the Congregational Church of Bloomingdale.

In 1923 electric lighting was installed and in 1924 a new roof and renovations were done.

In 1925 The Congregational Church of Bloomingdale became part of the United Church of Canada. At this point, the current church as it stands was given the name Bloomingdale United Church.

In 1961 the Christian Education Wing was added to the church. In 1975 another addition was added to the church, which now houses the Bloomingdale branch of the Region of Waterloo Library and in 2001 the Dorothy Elliot Wing was added.