Bloomingdale United Church

St. John's Kitchen

Jesus served the vulnerable. He reached out and touched the lives of those who lived on the edge of his society; those who were shut out and those no one wanted to be seen with.

In every society, there are those who live at the bottom of the rung. These are people that are the poorest and are blamed for being poor. These are the children of God others see as disposable, whose lives are not valued. These are the people no one wants to be friends with.

The call to discipleship is a call to reach out in kindness, love, and dignity to those shut out. God has a special interest in those who have the least in a society and we are called to love and serve the most vulnerable. Serving the most vulnerable is how we live out our call to discipleship - our love for God in loving those who most challenge us.

The members of our congregation are deeply involved in the ministry that happens at St.John's Kitchen in Kitchener. They serve 300 meals a day to people who need a warm meal. They provide shoelaces to people coming out of incarceration whose shoelaces were taken away from them for safety. They offer medical care, advocacy for clients dealing with systems, and clothing.

St. John's Kitchen offers space for staff and volunteers from Sanguen Health Centre to provide harm reduction supplies and education for people with addictions.

Our congregation provides food, money, and people power to this important ministry. We are devoted to this and it has changed us. It links a rural village to an urban place of need. It reminds us of why we are here and it informs us of who we are called to be. This is God's world and we are a part of it.